December 14th, 2016

New sprites of Wonder Woman and Cheetah sprites have just been added to the DC Gallery and main GFX Generator! Besides updating this post, I’ve uploaded a fixed Minvera Cheetah sprite, a new Deborah Dormaine version of the sprite and a mini-logo version of the logo that Minerva and Dormaine had in DC’s old Who’s Who series.

No, this wasn’t meant to tie into any current news story, but it’s part of what I wanted to do for Wonder Woman’s 75th anniversary. By the time it rolled around, I only had 70’s and 80’s Wonder Woman sprites ready and Cheetah was only a sketch then. So, more unfinished business settled!

BTW: that Wonder Woman sprite is pretty much the same one I made and used in that JLA pixel art print that’s available in the shop, (hint hint).

3 Responses to “Unfinished Business – Wonder Woman and Cheetah”

  1. Love your work man, there is something magical about pixel art and from what I’ve seen you’re one of the best.

    Its a real shame about what is going on with Wonder Woman, she inspired girls for generations and now she’s too white and her boobs are too big.

    Imagine if people started saying that Superman or Batman were too muscular?

  2. Hey, Liam! You do pixel art, so you know the allure of it. I don’t know what it is, but it’s fun to make and cool to see.

    It’s sad. The people who have caused the most bloodshed, pain and despair (even if they only gave the orders) were wearing “respectable” clothing, suits and uniforms, even if they weren’t the ones getting their hands dirty. Ignoring classic Wonder Woman’s message of peace and trying to honestly reach out to help her enemies see the errors of their ways getting ignored because of how she’s dressed is as messed up as it’d be if it was ignored because it came from a woman, but who wants to admit that?

  3. Exactly Prime, exactly.

    Wise words.