June 9th, 2011

Just a minor update here. The Manuke/Rocky sprite has been improved (check out the gallery page on Illmosis). Sayo-Chan’s sprite edits have been improved with a pants-wearing version and better colors (thanks to Shin Otaru for suggesting that). You’ll also find a Miki/Becky alternate palette for Sayo in the generators, a feature that I forgot to add last week. Yes, that’s why there was a palette option choice for Sayo last week with just one option. The Punisher-era Nick Fury sprite had a mis-colored pixel in his right hand so I fixed that while also tinkering a bit with the palettes to improve the contrast. I also threw in a few more background & Vs. graphic options for the “Custom Scene (384×224 pixels)” set-up in the Vs. Maker including Guile’s SFII stage, Avengers HQ, KoF 98’s China stage and more.

edit: I forgot that there was more added to the site:

Custom Sprite Pack Downloads – Laslunder added more sprites to his pack of SFA3 Cody (Jeans and shirt) edit pack. He has my thanks for letting ScrollBoss be one of the places where you can find it!

Game List – I hadn’t updated it since October of last year. Games added include 3D Dot Game Heroes, inFamous, Moon Diver & Wipeout HD for the PS3 along with Beatdown for PS2. Yes, inFamous & Wipeout HD were my PSN Welcome Back choices and I’ve been playing a lot of inFamous.

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