September 17th, 2016

♫… reflects a movie scene, often more than twice ♫

Enough progress has been made with the v.2 GFX Generator engine that I’ve put it on the site! One generator page, filled with (mostly) fighting game-scale game sprites, has most of the items from both the old Vs. Maker and Group Shot generator pages. There are also separate pages for Darkstalkers 3 and Marvel Super Heroes where each has characters who are 100% compatible with those Vs. Screens. A few things (like the secondary scene options) work a bit differently than before, but most of it is there. There’s still work to do on v.2 and the older generators will stay up until all their old functions and screens can be replicated with v.2. Rewriting this engine from (nearly) the ground up is something I’ve wanted to do for a lot of years, and it took a bit over a year (in-between making things for normal site updates and other work), but it feels good to have the new generator working this much. Effects like those shadows in the MSH Spider-Man stage windows were impossible with the old system (the same function can reflections there, too) and you can expect to see more effects and features added in future updates.

But that’s not all I have ready for the site this weekend! Come back tomorrow for a few new sprites of Streets of Rage/Bare Knuckle characters!

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