August 9th, 2015

This site spent most of 2014 celebrating the 25th anniversary of 1989, my favorite year for video games, and the updates were filled with many sprites based on those games, like Final Fight, the Revenge of Shinobi, Golden Axe, Strider, and more. That theme comes back for today’s mini-update because the date is the eighth month’s ninth day.

Custom Portraits: new Street Fighter Alpha/Zero 3 Vs. portraits of Joe Musashi, Poison (and Roxy), Damnd, and Haggar (replacing the horrible one I made two years ago).

The new portraits have been added to the GFX Generators along nine new palettes for Poison (based on Ultra Street Fighter IV) and five for Haggar (based on the Slam Masters/Muscle Bomber series).

The next update will return to the early 1980s with more new sprite remakes of classic characters!

2 Responses to “The Revenge of 1989: 2015 edition”

  1. This is a good memory
    Your creation
    I like traveling back in those days
    Childhood is certainly not go back
    But here you can make me feel better then

  2. Thank you, SKB!
    I’m glad that these updates remind you of good times!