July 5th, 2014

I’ll be in Artist’s Alley at the All-AmeriCon convention in Warren, Oho this Sunday, the same convention that comic creators Darryl Banks and Jim Steranko will be! To celebrate that, I’ve made sprites based on their creations. Kyle Rayner, a character created by Darryl Banks and Ron Marz gets a hovering sprite and Madame Hydra (a.k.a. the Viper) now has a sprite based on the iconic pose from Captain America #111. Kyle also has his first Green Lantern cover logo while Viper has her Eaglemoss figurine logo (does she even have an official comic logo?) and a name graphic for the X-Men: Children of the Atom Vs. Screen. They’ve been added to the proper DC and Marvel sprite galleries along with the GFX Generators.

Bad news: Due to history repeating itself again, I’ll have to move to a different apartment sometime this month. The owners have to rip through this apartment to fix something that was messed up in another apartment, so it’s time to move again. I don’t have an exact date yet, but I’m pretty sure it’ll completely screw up the July 19th anniversary update. Yeah, just like last year, too. Keep your fingers crossed.

Good news: I’ve set up a page on Illmosis where you can buy prints of some of my pictures. There are only a few game-related prints so far (including the Tyris Flare pic), but there will be more in the future.

2 Responses to “Little green update”

  1. I don’t know if your connection is up at the moment, but here’s hoping you can read this.

    Happy Anniversary!

    On behalf of all of us who appreciate what you do on the site, thankyou very much, and keep up the good goodness!

  2. Thanks, Eddie! Friends like you and others who enjoy these kinds of games are what keeps this site going! I’m still connected to the internet, so the anniversary update will be up soon!