Custom Sprites: The following sprites have been added to the Horror gallery:
Halloween: Michael Myers/The Shape (sheet disguise), Dr. Loomis, Jamie Lloyd
Phantasm: the Tall Man, Mike
WNUF: Frank Stewart

All of these things were added to the GFX Generator, even though Aggar is too tall for everything.

“Who is Frank Stewart?” He’s the host for the WNUF Halloween Special, a horror film that starts as the kind of local TV Halloween production that you’d see back in the eighties (and was made to look like it) until things begin to go horribly awry. Is it real? Is it a hoax?

The movie became an instant favorite of mine when I saw it on Shudder long ago and I’m proud to own it on DVD (no VHS version for me… yet). There’s currently a GoFundMe campaign to get a sequel made! Consider helping out and supporting independent filmmaking if you can afford it!

Eddie in the City is having a sale on some cute, horror-themed miniatures, including a few game characters you’ll recognize if you’ve been following the HorrorThon!

This translation of a 1988 interview with the Splatterhouse arcade team is right on time for the spooky season and full of interesting tidbits about the game’s creation.

Speaking of Splatterhouse, VGJunk saved a great game review choice for Halloween: Splatterhouse 3!

October may end ad midnight tonight, but the DangerTerrorHorrorThon wrap-up is tomorrow!