Due to an irritating and unexpected move to another apartment, the Anniversary update is both late and incomplete. Still, there’s enough here for an update, so let’s do this.

Game Index – NARC (arcade), Super Contra (arcade)

Custom Sprites
Nintendo: Zelda (original LoZ), Link (new poses) and Ganon (original LoZ)
Taito: Tiki and Phee-Phee (the New Zealand Story)
Williams: Kinky Pinky (NARC)

Nintendo: Zelda (NES style)
Sega: Dynamite Dux, Gain Ground
Williams/Midway: Kinky Pinky (NARC)

Graphic Generators
New characters: Ganon and Zelda for Nintendo, Kinky Pinky for Williams (Other Games area)
Updated characters: Link (new sprites & LoZ palettes)

GroupShot Generator: Comics 88×136 (Nintendo Comic System layout added)

Sprites – NARC gallery added. Updated galleries include Double Dragon (a few Double Dragon 2 arcade sprites added).

Again, sorry for not being able to deliver on a big anniversary update, but the commission book work’s gotta come first. Future updates will be small and rare until some time in October (hopefully) when I’ll try to cobble a Halloween update together and probably botch that, too. Be prepared for more disappointment!