Updates will continue to be small while I work on a bunch of stuff including a mini-comic/artbook for a comic convention in May. It’s something that I wanted to do last year but didn’t finish.

S-Files – I’m still making minor adjustments to the engine. The default index page groups characters by the first letter in their filename. One problem is trying to get a sprite background that will keep sprites from blending in with it. There has been a slight change to how the main picture is displayed so please let me know if there are any errors with it bugging out. I finally made a crude “profile maker” to help make and modify profiles for reasons I’ll explain in the lab.
New: Blood, Boomer, Hawk, Kate, Sledge from Crime Fighters 2/Vendetta. Norton and Bild from the Rushing Beat series.
Updated: Mike Haggar, Rolento

GFX Generators

New GroupShot styles: the Marvel vs. Capcom 3 “character ring” with two solo variations and one where you can fit three characters.
Characters added: Cable, Marrow, Nakoruru (SNK), Zero (Capcom),
Palettes updated: Chun-Li, Felicia, Rogue (Green/White from MvsC2), Ryu
Other updates: Apocalypse (X-Men: CotA name graphic), Black Widow (logo), Jill (MvsC3 outfit sprite edit), She-Hulk (logos), SoR’s Shiva (custom mini logo), Storm (logo)

Custom Sprites – Zero added to the Capcom page

Mini Logos – Alien Busters & Alien Burgers (from Sega’s Alien Storm), Black Widow (Marvel), Growl, Marrow (X-Men 72 cover), Nakoruru (SNK), Shiva (Sega), Storm, Zero (Capcom).

Logos – added My Hero, Tower of Druaga, Warrior Blade – Rastan III, Wonder Momo.

Moon Diver (official site here), the new 2.5-D platforming action game from Square-Enix hits Playstation Network this week and will debut on X-Box Live at a later date. Just in case you haven’t heard, the game is directed by Kouichi “Shiina” Yotsui (a.k.a. Isuke), the director of Strider (arcade) and Cannon Dancer (a.k.a. Osman). You can definitely see his influence all over this trailer.

Definitely looks like crazy fun to me. I’ve been waiting for this since it was announced and I’m impatiently waiting for the Playstation Store to update so I can finally play it. There will be a separate post about the game once I’ve played the game.

Update: Just bought and played the first stage of Moon Diver. EXCELLENT. You’ll love this if you love Strider. Also up for sale now is Rush’n Attack: Ex-Patriot, the revival of Konami’s Rush’n Attack/Green Beret franchise.

You’ve probably seen this link a lot lately but the areas that were hit are still suffering many hardships. I know that times are tight for many of us in the U.S. (take it from a chronically-broke guy like me) but please think of kicking in a few spare dollars when you have the chance. Every little bit helps.
Google: Resources related to the 2011 Japan Crisis

S-Files – Upgrade time! Most of it looks the same on the surface but a lot of things have been rewritten to allow more information and to make it less of a pain-in-the-butt to modify in the future. New features include sections for official game bios from each game, overall move & ability lists, listings for stats from individual games (along with room for a potential “Universal Scale” to rate all characters), an improved screenshot area and a tag section that links to Vernacula-X definitions when they’re available. The new data structure is here and seems solid so new characters will finally be added. This is just step one and you’ll see minor tweaks and changes happening.

Updated profiles: Guy, Cody, Haggar, Damnd, Poison, Rolento, Roxy, Sodom, Ax Battler, Tyris Flare, Gilius Thunderhead, Death Adder.
New profiles: Joe Musashi

Game Index – Final Fight 2 (SNES) added.

GFX Generators – Updated: Mega Man (an edit of his Rockman intro pose added), She-Hulk (improved sprite)

Beats of Rage – Nothing new this time but I fixed the link to the Final Fight (arcade) pick-up items. Shout-out to Sidd the Kidd letting me know about that screw-up!

Happy Birthday to Wizzy, CPS2 Soundmaster Supreme! This is his theme music. Every good hero should have one! (/jackslade)

I also need to wish a Happy Belated 10th Anniversary to the Double Dragon Dojo website. The Dojo has spent ten years building a solid temple of Double Dragon appreciation that the series truly deserves. Anyone who even remotely likes any Double Dragon game needs to give that site a long visit if they haven’t found it by now. You’ll find all kinds of information about the series from English and Japanese manuals to the an interview that explains what the full version of Super Double Dragon would’ve been if the developers had more time. Thank you for over ten years of the representing the Sou-Setsu-Ken legacy to the highest degree!