December 3rd, 2013

Before I go into the update, I’m just letting you know that the Project Sen Kickstarter still needs help with less than three days to go.

GFX Generators

Sen, the star of Project Sen, joins the generator, along with Betty, one of the three starter warriors from Sega’s Gain Ground. The good guys from Bad Dudes, Blade and Striker, have all-new sprites (not Guile/Cody edits like the earlier stuff). SNK’s Ryuhaku Todoh and Hon-Fu were quietly added to the generator a while back when I was doing some behind-the scenes work on the character files.

Custom Sprites – Two new scratch-made Bad Dudes sprites added to the Data East gallery. Gain Ground’s Betty was added to the Sega Gallery.

Game Index – Gain Ground (arcade), Ghouls ‘n Ghosts (arcade), Kuri Kinton (arcade) added.

Logo Index – Gain Ground (arcade static and animated) added.

Arcade Quartermaster had a big update (new Mortal Kombat II and Virtua Fighter shrines), so check out the newness there, along with the updated shrines (including the MK I shrine)!

Siliconera has been posting translations of interviews with the M2 team about their work on Sega’s 3D Remaster series for the Nintendo 3DS. Anyone who thought those games were just cheaply-modified emulations will learn that the project is quite the opposite by reading these interviews. The latest one is about Sonic the Hedgehog, but one of the more interesting ideas in the interview is the Giga Drive. What is it? I’m not telling you jack squat, because I couldn’t do the idea justice. Just read the article!

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