September 10th, 2010

Custom Sprite Downloads – the “Simons (SFA-style)” sprite set is finally done and available on that page. ALSO: please re-download Dug because the earlier version had a few pixels cut off the boots in two frames. Those have now been fixed. I’d have made a video to show you Simons in action but my internet connection is still messed up. You’ll have to wait a while longer for Jake because I have some other projects that need some serious attention. The wait won’t be all that long since the new stuff is mostly just hair and goatees. I’ll probably make one last demo video for them using the OpenBoR engine.

GFX Generators

edit (2:09 PM EST) : I threw a few more things into the update
New character: Deadshot (with mini-logo)
Updated characters: Capt. Commando, Gambit, Jin, Sabretooth (alt palettes and Birdie, his assistant), Spider-Man, and Venom

Finally, I had Clash at Demonhead on the brain after reading the Scott Pilgrim books and seeing the film and finally noticed that I didn’t have ANYTHING about that game on this site other than the game’s logo. It’s odd because it’s one of the many games that I could only rent and never saw in stores during it’s run right along with River City Ransom and Ogre Battle. I think some graphics from it were part of the infamous “Lost Folders” situation from 2005 after horrible HD crash. This update rights that wrong in many of the following section updates:

Sprite Index– new Clash at Demonhead page with a few sprites and animations.
Game Index – Clash at Demonhead (NES)
Company Index – Vic Tokai
Logos – animated Clash at Demonhead (only the main loop)
Mini-logos – Darkseid and Deadshot
1989 – Hey, guess what game was added to the 1989 list? Clash at Demonhead? Well, yeah.

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