August 14th, 2013

There’s been a pause in the commission project (though I’m still doing some fixes on the pages), so I’ve put a little update together. Sure, I should be resting, but I’m dumb like that.

GFX Generators – The River City Ransom Shop screen has been added to the Fake Screenshot generator.

You’ll find sprites of Alex, Ryan, Kunio, Riki and the shopkeepers along with all the shop backgrounds from the game, but you’ll also find a few custom-made RCR sprites and store backgrounds, too. It’s in the same generator set as those Mega Man NES screens, so you can mix and match sprites with those, too. I’ll be adding more shops and shopkeepers in later updates, so some of the obvious picks (like Auto and the bolt shop) will be in later updates.

Sprites – Playing Dragon’s Crown reminded me that this site doesn’t have much from Data East’s Dark Seal series of isometric dungeon crawling arcade games, so I just gave it a sprite gallery. I’ll add to it in later updates. I also made a little Tumblr post with Freya, the original heroic, saucy sorceress.

Breakin’ News

Dragon’s Crown hit the PS3 and Vita last week. I pre-ordered the game and got the artbook, one of the few times I’ve pre-ordered a game EVER. It’s an incredibly fun hack-and-slash game with an old-school spirit infused with it’s own unique flavor. Those who are into D&D, Frank Frazetta paintings, 80’s barbarian/amazon movies and classic sword-and-sorcery video games might enjoy this one, especially with all the references to those things being scattered throughout the game. Yes, there’s some saucy artwork in it, so it’s not for the kids, faint of heart, etc. Personally, this is my kind of game, I’m glad that I bought it, and I hope it sells enough copies to get a sequel.

Duck Tales Remastered, produced by WayForward, is out now, but I don’t have it just yet. The remake of Capcom’s NES classic looks like another labor of love from the WayForward crew, even more than their usual level of awesome. It’s available on PSN, Steam, and X-Box Live.

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