May 3rd, 2013

This is the third of this week’s comic book-themed updates timed with the release of Free Comic Book Day (which is tomorrow) along with Iron Man 3. As much as I planned to have much more done for today’s update, I had to put in extra hours at the day job and that cut down on production time. Hopefully the character selection will make up low character count (and tomorrow’s update will definitely make up for that).

GFX Generators – New characters were added to the generators that use fighting game sprites:
DC Comics – Harley Quinn & Poison Ivy
Marvel Comics – the Super-Skrull

I also added an edited Wolverine sprite so he’ll have another in his orange and brown outfit. The new sprites won’t in the Custom Sprite galleries until tomorrow because I’m tired and a bit lazy.

There will be another update on Saturday with more comic and super-related sprites, including the Lois Lane sprites you may have seen in a few other places. Here are links to the news posts for issue 1 and issue 2(New sprites of Splinter, Shredder, and more) (Bravoman sprite and Iron Man’s Hall of Armor for MUGEN). I think I’ve saved the best sprites for last, but that’s not my call. It’ll definitely be the most in one shot, though.

One last thing: if you go to a comic shop for the special free comics, do your shop a favor and buy a few comics, too. The shop actually has to pay for those free comics and they’ll probably be swamped with soulless, grubby buttscrapes who’ll just get the free comics and leave. Buy something to help them out if they’re a good comic book with people who are nice to you. Don’t be a buttscrape, people.

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