September 17th, 2022

All-new custom sprites of Batman, Two-Face (finally), and Magpie have been added to the DC Comics Custom Sprites gallery, Mini-Logos for Two-Face and Magpie (based on their Who’s Who character profiles) have been added to the DC mini-logos gallery, and all these things were also added to the main GFX Image Generators.

If you look at that new Batman sprite compared to the older scratch-made sprites I’ve done, you may notice that he doesn’t match 100%, mainly the cowl. Call it an experiment to try and make better Batman sprites. If it works, I’ll probably start modifying the older sprites to match probably next year.

2 Responses to “Batman Day 2022”

  1. Maggie Pye! There’s a blast from the past! I only ever saw her in that one Superman-meets-Batman-and-everything-is-resolved-too-quickly comic!

    These Two-Face sprites definitely call to mind William Shatner’s portrayal, alongside the late great Adam West.

  2. *wipes brow* Do you have any idea how relieved I am that anyone was glad to see Magpie? I’m in the same boat, I mostly remember her from that John Byrne Man of Steel mini-series issue, too (with what’s still my favorite Looney Tunes reference ever in a comic).

    The old-school Two-Face color scheme was the toughest to pull-off, so I made that one on purpose. The version in the image generators has extra colors to add more versions where the shirts are different colors (you can get a 90% B:TAS version there). Those Batman ’66 cartoons were a treat (the comics were just as solid). I’m glad Adam West got to do the thing a couple more times in an era that finally stopped trying to bash the ’66 show, and Shatner was excellent as Two-Face.