November 1st, 2021

Due to outside forces last week, I didn’t have the time to finished all the stuff I’d planned (this happens A LOT), and I’m not in the mood to leave these things unfinished, so…

custom sprites:
Marvel villains: the Grim Reaper

mini-logos: I dipped back and made mini-logos for characters who didn’t get them during the weekend, including…
DC Comics: Croc (Killer Croc’s logo for the ’85 Who’s Who)
McFarlane: Violator
Movies: Tiffany (Child’s Play)
Music: Geto Boys
Television: Movie Macabre (Elvira’s original TV show logo)

All new fighter-scale sprites and mini-logos were added to the GFX Image Generators!

2 Responses to “DangerTerrorHorrorThon 2021, November 1st?”

  1. Looks like there are something duplicated in the list .

    Mysterio (Marvel)(characters) and ;
    Ultra SF4, Skyscraper Under Construction (background)

    Also background lists among ‘Group ‘ ‘3×3 Scene’ and ‘Boxes, Flyer & Posters’ are different (I thought they have the same BG list)

  2. Thanks for catching the bugs, got ’em fixed now!

    The lists are different for a lot of reasons, mainly because 1.) some use slightly different versions of background files and 2.) the thumbnails showing the placements have to be different. The smaller screen options have a few small backgrounds made just for them, so they aren’t in Group or 3 vs 3.