December 15th, 2019

So after the uploading the “Toys and Trouble” and watching the Joe Bob Briggs Red Christmas marathon on Shudder Friday night, I woke up Saturday thinking that I’d be able to get some rest. Then I go to Twitter and see that people are talking about how it was the anniversary day of Final Fight. I knew December was the month (and had been planning something for it long ahead of time), but could never find anything about the exact day. Even now, I can’t find anything other than the month and the year. Anyway, I couldn’t let the day slip by, so I worked like mad all day to finish (as much as I could) and put it on Twitter and Instagram. It’s not on YouTube yet because it’s not the full version of what I wanted to do. The main thing is that I’ve now made sprites of every hero, enemy and ally in the game, including the characters already brought into the Street Fighter Alpha series. They’re all in the video below:

Things that had to be finished for this clip: the broken wall part of the logo, gradient FIGHT shading, spriting more of Belger’s room and fixing issues with Sodom’s sprite. The new sprites for Axl & Slash, Sodom, Rolento, Edi.E, and Shiro (the Bay Area Dog) aren’t in the galleries YET, but will appear later in the month.

While I’m talking about Final Fight, the “Guy vs. Mad Gear” video isn’t going to make it out before the end of the year. I think I’ve got about 85% of the sprites I need for it. Thing is, I’m just kinda tired. I tried to do too much at once this year (there’s STILL stuff you haven’t seen yet), was too worn out from day job work and it’s going to need more time. It’s probably for the best, because the Showcade video idea made me rethink all my other video ideas, so I think I’ll get that show going stable first before going back to that fight scene. I’ll probably try to take a REAL break after I’m done this year, but then I said that more than once earlier this year.

Stay tuned, though, because this site still has some business to take care of before this year is over!

2 Responses to “Final Fight – the gang’s all here”

  1. As always, great stuff!

    And Happy Final Fight Day, I guess!

    I’m particularly digging that Sodom sprite. It never felt right to me that Capcom gave him jutte, in the SFA series, with his original weapons only as an alternate, in 3 – It should have been the other way around.

    My thinking at the time was that they didn’t initially want a Street Fighter with swords, but my response was that they could have just been sheathed – like you’ve done – and only drawn for special moves. I mean, he does fight in FF without them, if you knock him down twice and keep him from getting to them. It felt right (and your sprite feels right), to me.

    While we’re on the subject, Capcom should have used his alternate palettes from Mighty FF, instead of introducing the newer, ugly, green and grey palettes.

    If you don’t mind my asking, how do you know the dog’s name?

    There’s nothing wrong with taking a break when you’re tired, in fact it’s usually a good thing. Especially when you keep putting out content of this high quality!

    Excitedly waiting to see what’s next!

  2. Agreed 100% on the “I guess” part, because I still haven’t seen anyone say that was really the day it premiered.

    I’ve seen the dog being called Shiro on wikis, but I think I also saw it on one of those CFN SF5 profiles, too.

    My guess on SFA Sodom is the same as yours, they probably worried about the huge reach advantage issue with having the katana. Even in SFA3, they seem a bit short. X-ism Sodom is one of my favorite things in SFA3, especially because he got that really good remix of his Final Fight BGM. It’d be interesting to see how Sodom’s fully empty hand style would work.

    There’ll be an update this week, still wondering if I’ll do the Unfinished Business update next week or if I’ll just save those sprites, video clips and concepts until next year.