September 12th, 2011

ScrollBoss is still on pause so I could work on my own characters and comics for a bit while doing behind-the-scenes work on the site along with a bit of content. I need your help to shape some of the new content for the site. Some of these will come as close as I’ll get to doing a request thread.

1.) There will be new GFX Generators geared towards making avatars and sigs you can save and use on message boards and social sites. There will be the typical square shapes but I need to know what sizes or ratios you use in these places.

2.) There will be new sprite tutorials in the future. I’m not an expert but I think I’ve figured out enough to write decent tutorials on a few things. I’m going to finish a lighting tutorial that I started long ago along with tutorials based on questions people have PM’ed me with on a message board or two. Are there any pixel art questions you’d like me to try and answer in a future tutorial?

3.) I added these old-school game boxes to the GFX Generators a while back but I’ve never really gotten any feedback on them. Did anyone like them? Do you want me to make more? I will add the top 3 requests if any are made. Yeah, that’s a big if.

4.) Are there any game logos you’d like to see converted into 64×26 pixel mini-logos that aren’t already on this mini-logos page? Don’t be too ashamed to ask for something related to your current fan-game project. I’ll make either the 5 most requested or my 5 favorites.

5.) I want to start a yearly event where other fans like you get to vote on some of your favorite gaming things. The easiest way to do this is to post a category here and have you leave a comment with your choices. Yes, this topic is also a test to see how that would go. I need to know if it’s too much trouble to leave a comment in these news posts and if you’d be willing to post here again when it’s time to vote.

Please post your answers in a comment on this weblog post so I’ll have an easier time counting up the votes. I’ll do more Request Line posts if I get enough responses to this one.

One more thing! [/unclebill]
6.) Go to the Vs. Maker, click the “Custom Scene (384×224 pixels)” option, hit button DONE! button and look at the background image options. Are there any game backgrounds that you’d really like to see added to that list? I’ll add as many as I can.

(edit: fixed the Vs. Maker link right above this. Thanks for the heads-up, Kiwi!)

EDIT: This Request Line is now semi-closed. That means that I can’t aim to have any new requests make it into the late October update. Any requests after this will be considered for future updates.

6 Responses to “The Request Line, pt. 1”

  1. Not doing much avatar-related stuff, but as for tutorials, you’ve got my main request right off the bat, RE lighting, and I think I might add one for the usual: process, including lineart conversion/creation, error-checking, color selecting and proportion setting.

    I’ve completely missed the pixel game covers, which are just unreal. That’s the ideal way to frame a game sprite.. but it’s a subject matter that could go on pretty much forever, so I’ll root for just keeping it to ‘Scrollboss’ game covers. I wonder which Final Fight box cover counts as the ‘real’ version.

    Mini-logos: was going to request Metamorphic Force, but that’s a little wide for the proportion I think. I want to see ThunderCats though, so I can pretend it was once a game.

  2. Thanks for adding a comment, Kiwi.

    Line art conversion tut is a great idea. I’ll have to make another portrait and do some step-by-step progress pics of what I did. I’ve seen other tuts on it and I’ll have to dig up the links and link to them as well drop my own process on it.

    That’s a good question about the “real” Final Fight cover. That Sega CD/Arcade flyer pic with K.O. ed Andore and bloody fist Cody is the pic but I’m not sure how to do that angle justice. with those sprites.

    Metamorphic Force is worthy of a shot even though you’ve already mentioned what would make that a bit difficult. A Thundercats mini-logo is already in the Toys and Toons section. It’s very easy to miss, though.

    I need to make some sort of menu underneath the official Capcom-made mini-logos that will warp people directly to the company/theme sections.

  3. 3. I liked the game boxes, from the get-go. Since you’ve got the Genesis box there already, I don’t really have any specific requests, although a Playstation or Saturn cd case might be interesting.

    4. Are you limiting this to game logos, or can we ask for characters, too?

    5. I haven’t found it difficult to comment on these posts, although I’ve found the forum more convenient.

    6. From Samurai Shodown II, Charlotte and Kyoshiro’s bgs. Maybe also the ukiyoe image, with the tree and the dogs. Kyoshiro’s from Zero is also pretty cool.

  4. 3. I was thinking of a Playstation box but wasn’t sure if anyone would dig it. It’s a bit ironic since Sony allegedly tried to push people away from 2-D since the PS1/PSX was better at 3-D.
    4. Characters are included.
    5. The board is definitely more convenient but most of the other members seem to want the board closed off for the most part. I can actually integrate the WordPress part of the site into the main site so that’s why I was asking about this.
    6. I’ll rip and add those right after I hit the reply button. Done!

    Thanks for the reply!

  5. Thanks!

    I can’t seem to find those backgrounds. Help?

    As for characters, I like my BEU fighters. I’d particularly like to see:

    * The Ninja Baseball Batman team (Captain Jose, Twinbats Ryno, Beanball Roger and Stick Straw).

    * The Street Smart cast.

    * The Double Dragon cast – well, the more interesting ones (Billy Lee / Hammer, Jimmy Lee / Spike, Chin Taimei, Jeff, Burnov and Abobo / Bolo / Mibobo).

    I could keep going. Want me to?

  6. Kiwi: I tried to minilogo-fy the Metamorphic Force logo and failed miserably. I may try a stacked version of it later but the original horizontal version didn’t work.

    EMG: No, I have them ready for the update later this month. The new stuff isn’t in there yet but I have it 100% ready. In fact, here’s the whole rip of one of them:

    Character logos:
    I had plans for Billy and Jimmy (US DD logo font) and wanted to make one for Abobo. You just pushed Burnov onto the definite list because I got an idea as I read your list.

    NBB: Don’t expect them soon but you put them onto the “to-do” list. I’m actually going to have an index page ready for them by the time the update hits. I’m trying to get a few more neglected games in there and just finished one for Hachoo! before typing this reply.

    Street Smart: serious long shots here. However, I’ll make a Street Smart game mini-logo as a consolation prize.

    Again, I’d do more of these but I don’t have the free time for it. Suggest more if they’re mini-logos that you’d REALLY like to see. The more that they’re mentioned by others (someone made a few by e-mail), the more likely it is that they’ll get done.