August 3rd, 2011

Started messing around with an idea at around 3 AM. Just finished working on this and some other engine improvements at 8:29 AM.

So far, so good. Time to go to sleep.

Update 2011/08/03, midnight:

Worked on it before and after work. I had to change big chunks of how the engine worked just for the name thing to work.

Update 2011/08/04, 3:28 AM:
Tried to unwind for a bit, answer messages, etc. but I wanted to get a bit more done on this tonight.

Still having a bit of trouble with a text mode that I won’t have to use for a while but the centered alignment version works. I still want to fix it before I go to sleep and I’m sure I’ll be paying for that tomorrow.

Update: 10 minutes later:
Got that optional text issue fixed. So much for that.

Update: 2011/08/06, 6:04 AM:

Fixed one line of coding to allow multiple fonts. Also arranged and programmed the SFA3 8×16 pixel font. Next things to finish: “font palettes” and “characters typed before carriage return”

Update: 2011/08/07, 2:28 PM:

Just did a tiny bit of work since I have drawn and pixel art to work on. “Characters typed before carriage return” done. Very easy work.

Update: 2011/08/14, 7:26 PM:

Been working on comic logos and learning/relearning Blender stuff but came back for a bit of unfinished business: spaces. I decided it’d be a waste of resources to have the engine actually paste blank spaces to post spaces so I added a parameter to just move the cursor a certain amount of spaces when the writing function got to the space. No big whooop but I want this update log to be thorough.

Update: 2011/08/14, 8:18 PM:

Alternate palettes are now in effect. Next time: User input text.

Update: 2011/08/15, 2:00 AM:

Did night job work, came home, ate some food and got the user input fields finished. The main work for the fonts functions is now done and everything else will either be bug-proofing and bonus features.

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