December 5th, 2016

It’s December? Already? It’s hard to believe that such a horrible year is flying by this quickly, but I’m guessing this 2016 heard everyone saying, “Wrap it up, B.” There are a lot of things that I didn’t get to do while they were timely, so I’m going to kick in a few updates to fix that. First up is Alex Kidd, who debuted 30 years ago this year!

New Custom Sprites and Mini-Logos of Alex Kidd and Stella (and one WITH Stella) have been added to the site and, of course, the fighter-sized GFX Generators.

Unfinished Business 2016 updates won’t be a themed marathon of newness, but will pop up throughout the month, so stay tuned for more oddball mini-updates.

2 Responses to “Unfinished Business 2016 – Alex and Stella”

  1. I spent hours playing Alex as a kid (no pun intended) and as soon as Sonic came along he was dust.

  2. It’s really sad that they just kinda shoved Alex to the side like that as soon as Sonic got popular. Even Sega made fun of that later in the Segagaga RPG!