March 22nd, 2016

I’m done (mostly) with the commission I was working on, so the site is back in active mode. Between Double Dragon’s announced return as a fighting game mode in the upcoming Kunio-Kun game and Hardcore Gaming 101 deepening their articles on the Double Dragon series throughout March, I figure the 22nd day of this month would be perfect.

Custom Sprites – the Double Dragon series finally gets its own custom sprite gallery and new sprites of both Billy and Jimmy Lee, Marian, and Linda. You might have seen the Lee Brothers’ sprites in some preview .GIFs, but I’ve tuned them up a bit since then. I also improved the earlier sprites of Williams and Roper a bit and their out on the streets, too. All of that newness is also in the GFX Generators with a lot of palettes. I’m not done with the Double Dragon characters, so expect more redone sprites, different outfits and added characters soon.

I’ve wanted to rewrite the GFX Generator engine for a while so I could add things that the current version can’t do. It’s been a side project since last year and you’ll finally start to see some early versions of it this Spring. I made a blog post to talk a bit about that new version, including why part of it almost drove me insane (well, more than usual).

The #GameAudioGDC Bundle – Part 2 is a free 10 GB download of high-quality and royalty free (a.k.a. hassle free) sound effects suitable for video games and videos. They’re from packs sold by Sonniss, so that’s only the tip of the iceberg of what they have to offer.

Steam has RPG Maker VX Ace for 90% off!, so any game makers may want to check that out.

Crowdfund round-up:

Moira – a magical adventure with a look inspired by classic GameBoy games and the heart of an SNES action/adventure game!

3 Responses to “Return of Double Dragon”

  1. Great creations
    Double Dragon theme is great too!
    There I like Linda
    Very happy!
    Linda version of the modeling should be FAMICOM
    Hairstyle looks like a boy
    I like the Game Boy Advance version of the appearance
    Combinatorial explosion head with white boots
    It looks more like a bad sister!

    There’s Electra Streets of Rage
    Seems less another color Custom Sprites
    I really like this one color Electra!

  2. I’m glad you like Double Dragon update!
    It’s tough for me to Linda’s arcade hairstyle look good in pixel/dot art. I want to try again later.
    I plan to make more Double Dragon sprites this year and really want to do some of the GameBoy Advance poses, sprites and palettes.

    Electra has a lot of palettes in the GFX Generator, and I’ll have to add those sprites to the gallery, too. Sorry about that!

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