I’m extremely late with this, as the deadline is rapidly approaching, but check out the Humble Bundle that includes GameMaker Studio Pro (usually $99-$149) and Android export module($299!) for only $12, or pay just $6 for GM:SP. The packages also include games made with GameMaker and the source code for those games.

In case you’re wondering, yes, I bought it.

Since I’m king of the late passes, I’ll try to redeem myself by letting you know that Smith Micro will be having a sale on Manga Studio EX 5/Clip Studio Paint EX in a few days. The program is more about line art and one of the programs I took a break to try and study. Quite a few artists I know on the ‘net swear by it, so keep an eye out for that sale if you don’t have it.

Site updates will resume in October. For now, here’s another clip of my messing around in Anime Studio.