It’s finally that day in November when we remember the brave cyborgs of the past (or future who came into the past, thus becoming part of the past) who sacrificed so that Christmas could come to be!

New sprites of Kunoichi and Ninja from Ninja Warriors Again (Natsume’s re-imagining of Taito’s Ninja Warriors for the Super Famicom/Super Nintendo) have been added to the Taito Custom Sprites gallery and fighter-sized GFX Generator. They join Kamaitachi from last year’s Cyber Week updates to fill out that playable roster. I made a few improvements to his sprite, mainly the shoulder pad.

What’s Cyber Monday without a little pushing of merchandise? Don’t worry, this site has that covered… kinda. TeePublic marked their T-Shirts down to $14 a pop, so that means the shirt with the Minus World section’s logo is $14 for today only! What’s the Minus World section? It’s one of the oldest parts of the site, going all the way back to the days when the site was hosted on Angelfire. That spot seems a little dormant right now, but, now that the big, lingering GFX Generator project is done, it may be time for to start revisiting some of the neglected areas of the site.