June 20th, 2013

Breaking News:

Chronicles of Mystara, an enhanced collection of Capcom’s D&D hack-n-slash games, is now available for PS3, Steam and X-Box 360:

I’m actually waiting to see which version (PS3 or Steam, that is) most of my friends get before getting it myself.

There’s a huge LittleBigPlanet sale on PSN this week. The games, the add-on packs and the costumes are at some very fine prices right now. This is the perfect time to get either a game that’s missing from your collection, the add-on packs that you’ve held off on getting before or those “Man, I want a few parts from that pack, but really don’t want the whole thing” pack. A digital version of LBP2 is only $10. $10! A ton of the bigger costume and minipack sets, including the Street Fighter costume pack, Ghostbusters, Ico/Shadow of the Colossus pack and Marvel costume packs 1 through 4, are $2.99 each. Sadly, the Sonic the Hedgehog pack isn’t on the list. I picked up the two of the early Marvel packs I was missing along with the SF pack, and I’ll probably be getting more before the sale’s over.

Also, don’t forget to download the free Summer Creator pack before the PSN shop updates next week!

I just got my first set of instructions for my next paid activity book art assignment and gigs like this need nearly all of my free time. Due to this and the shift in its schedule, most of my plans for the huge anniversary update (July 19th) just can’t be done. A few things were finished ahead of time, so it won’t be completely barren. If you want to know when the updates hit, please follow the weblog’s RSS feed, Twitter account and/or the Tumblr. I’ll still be at the All AmeriCon convention in Warren, Ohio on July 7th, though, so don’t forget to stop by my table if you can make it there!

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