April 9th, 2005

I’m getting impatient, so I’ve decided to get a temporary version of the new spot set up in advance. For those who were bored enough to care whether or not the site would come back, well, the process begins here. Lots of things still need to be fixed up here and there, but a decent chunk of the site is actually done.

Progress on the site has been slowed by the deadly ‘Real Life’ virus as well as other work that I have to do before getting to play with this place. Besides that, my net connection has gone pretty bad, including a recent 2 week stretch of being offline. Plus, I’ve got to move to a different apartment, so things will slow down again. Before that happens, I’m going to try and get a mini-version of ScrollBoss up and running over the next few weeks before the move. If you bother to show up, you’ll never know what you’ll find waiting. I’ll be posting previews of different new things, thanks to this nice lil’ CuteNews module set up here. Have a good weekend, party people.


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