October 25th, 2011

I was going to make one big update with all of the new content and fixes but I decided to start early and test things out bit-by-bit. The main menu layout mutated a bit (including the return of the Random Screenshots) and will probably have a few more shifts in future updates. Work on the new content got out of hand and I forgot to keep track of a few new things. This update is basically everything except the custom sprites and graphic generators.

Sprites – Hachoo! (new page with a few sprites and animations), Ninja Baseball Bat Man (new page). The Streets of Rage 2 page was updated with walking animations of the heroes.

Game Index – The new main page leads to lists based on the first letter of the game and its release year.

New games: Hachoo (arcade), Jungle Hunt (arcade), Metroid (NES) and Ninja Baseball Bat Man (arcade) added. E-Swat (Arcade) added to the main list after being left off the main list by mistake.

Logos – Cannon Dancer, Hachoo, Metal Slug 1-5 & X, Metamorphic Force, Ninja Baseball Bat Man, Osman, P.O.W. (arcade), Pirate Ship Higemaru, Shaolin’s Road, Super Double Dragon, Turrican

ToyBoss – Stafani Rolento sent some brand new pictures of her custom 12-inch Rolento figure!

Links – added links that I forgot to keep track of. One that I remembered to list is the very cool Retro Revival X. I also added Brawler’s Ave (not to be confused with the “Brawlstreet USA” banners) has been added to the Quick Links section. I really need to set up a true affiliates list. Brawler’s Ave is under reconstruction right now but be sure to check out the links on their landing page for a hint of what they’re all about!

The second update will hit later this week but I still haven’t decided which day. The update to the GFX Generators is HUGE. All of those things I showed you on the weblog are coming along with some Darkstalkers and old side-scroller monsters for Halloween. Here’s a teaser for one of them:

I’ll see you later this week with more treats!

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