May 15th, 2018

I need to work on new prints to be ready for the Youngstown Comic-Con (I’ll only have a table there on the Sunday the 8th), so ScrollBoss will be KINDA quiet until after the convention. Conveniently, this site’s 18th anniversary will hit a little over a week after that. There will probably be small updates here and there, especially when I get pixel art or game-related prints done.

Until next time, here are a few previews:

The long-awaited Raging Justice is out now! I bought it for PC/Steam and had fun playing it. There are tons of nice little combat touches, including knocking characters into the background, enemy arrests (with bonus points for catching foes who have warrants out for them). No, it’s not a stat-building, free-roaming game like a lot of other modern Walk ‘n Brawls, but I know a lot of other people who prefer arcade-length games; the can be played through with a visiting friend and short enough for a non-marathon stream. Check this out if that sounds like your kind of party!

3 Responses to “Mini-pause for the cause”

  1. primeop:hello again I have a project with a friend in deviantart
    that is also about sprites for a project of a videogame called cartoons vs anime 2 and I’m trying to join more creators of sprites and I wanted to know if you can join you can find me in deviantart as crixoeljugador168

  2. Those cartoon sprites you’ve been making look great! I like how you’ve been drawing characters of so many different eras, from Betty Boop all the way to characters from Pop Team Epic. I don’t have enough time to join, but let me know if anything on the site would be helpful to your game project. Keep up the great work!

  3. in fact if I would like to see the project at your Lion-O, He-Man, Skeletor, shera, TMNT, shredder
    and if you have time I would like to see the other thundercats