September 13th, 2015

A new Mario sprite (based the original SMB cover jump, but in Yoichi Kotabe’s style) was added to the Custom Sprites gallery and the GFX Generators.

If you really want to see some great SMB tributes, check out The Ankle Rocker’s fun series of photos, starring SMB action figure and games. See, that’s what toys are for: the fun happy times!

Those in the mood for some art should consider buying Orioto’s 30 Years of Mario giclĂ©e art print, which celebrates the history of the entire series!

I’m still on break, getting the hang of some art programs and making things for future updates. Here’s a Tumblr post with a few preview .gifs to check out the results from one program. I also started rewriting the code for the GFX Generators, something that probably won’t be 100% finished until later this year.

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