March 27th, 2015

So you might have seen a shirt hanging up on the wall in that pixelart store on the shop page. That shirt is real as of now:

That’s the skull symbol offrom this site’s Minus World section, though slightly modified. It’s being sold through TeePublic and will be $14 until Monday (when the price goes up to an amount I don’t know because I’ve never done this before). I’ve wanted that sign on a shirt (and I rarely like my own work), so I’ve already ordered mine. Get yours here!

BTW: just in case you missed it, there was an update yesterday with TMNT and Double Dragon sprites.

Be sure to check out the ArcadeQuartermaster site today to see a new batch of Taito game shrines, including the whole Rastan saga and Jungle Hunt!

There’s a 10% off code for Playstation Network items, but the code expires this Monday (the 30th).

BTW: I know the main menu header isn’t working and will work on it tonight. Fixed.

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