I've resurrected this old area of the site for two reasons. It's mostly a small glossary of various video game terms. The second reason is that I have a bad habit of using unfamiliar slang including a few that I just made up myself. This area is still under construction and I apologize in advance for spelling errors, mistakes and just out-and-out stupidity. This is meant only as a quick 'oh, THAT'S what that means!' resource. Links to much better sites (many of which are referenced for the more technical bits here) are included at the bottom.

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Versus Mode/VS. Mode (game mode) (Full page here.) - A play mode that's usually made for one player to fight another player, a single CPU-controlled opponent or multiple CPU-controlled opponents. The term is often used to set it apart from the main play mode and this distinction is more important when the main game isn't a fighting game. A few games and series, like Bomberman (starting with Bomberman 2), have Versus Modes great enough to eclipse the main game mode.

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