I've resurrected this old area of the site for two reasons. It's mostly a small glossary of various video game terms. The second reason is that I have a bad habit of using unfamiliar slang including a few that I just made up myself. This area is still under construction and I apologize in advance for spelling errors, mistakes and just out-and-out stupidity. This is meant only as a quick 'oh, THAT'S what that means!' resource. Links to much better sites (many of which are referenced for the more technical bits here) are included at the bottom.

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scroll (Full page here.) - 1.)To scroll is to move the screen. That doesn't seem like a big deal now, but most games before the mid 1980's were just a screen that didn't move at all (or fixed screen).

2.)another name for background graphics

shinobi shozoku (Full page here.) - The well-known, baggy jumpsuit ninja uniform. Some scholars say that these these black or dark uniforms were worn by crew members in ancient Japanese plays. These people were meant to blend in with the background or be ignored by the audience as they moved objects. They also played ninja since they were already supposed to be considered invisible. Then again, maybe that's all just another ninja trick to lull you into a false sense of security.

Sidbilly (Full page here.) - A male character added to a game to replace a female character. Example: Sid and Billy replace Poison and Roxy in the SNES version of Final Fight.

side-scroller (Full page here.) - A video game in which the playfield on the screen scrolls to the side, either on its own or when the player character moves. These games were more rare non-scrolling fixed screen until the mid 1980s.

sprite (Full page here.) - A 2-D graphic that can be moved around the screen by the program or game. Older hardware, for arcades and consoles, had limits to sprites in terms of size, numbers of colors, and how many could be on the screen at once.

sprite edit (Full page here.) - Informal term for a sprite made by modifying (editing) a sprite from an older game. While mainly seen as a fan activity (where this term is usually used), professionally-made games have done this both officially and unofficially.

stage (Full page here.) - Much like the terms area and level, this is a term used to describe a section of a video game. Most fighting games and versus mode menus refer to all of their backgrounds as stages.

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