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Animal Crossing (GameCube)

An archive of patterns for the old GameCube version.

Mortal Kombat: Armageddon (PS2)

a few Kreate A Fighter formulas of video game characters and others


The following links open up to the stages on the site. If you've got your LBP account set up to sync with that site, you can add the stages to your queue and play them later... if you really care enough.

LBP 1 stages

ScrollBoss test level
A simple, shoddy test stage.

LBP 2 stages

Street Fighter costume pack
A simple level that shows all the separate parts of the Street Fighter costume pack and has a crappy Street Fighter 1 logo sticker.

DC & Marvel comics custom items
You can grab a bunch of DC and Marvel symbols from this level and use them in your own levels.

Vs - PunchSplosion
A Versus level that lets you shoot burning boxing gloves at the other players.

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