Here's an index of various articles, F.A.Q.s and rants I've written for the site. Don't expect any award-winning writing or trivial details such as, I don't know, normal English sentence structure, grammar or spelling. I take no responsibility for any headaches or foaming at the mouth caused by reading these.

Memoirs of a Virtual Caveman (first: 2015/10/18) - A look at Rob Strangman's book of real-life stories about video games from the people who played them, made them and wrote about them. This was made in the old review template just to have fun with it.
The Revenge of 1989 (first: 12/19/09) - A look back at one of the greatest yet overlooked years in video game history.
Resize Matters (12/26/08, updated: 06/11/10) - About browsers that automatically blur resized pictures.
ScrollBoss FAQ (updated 7/19/07) - Answers various random questions about the site.
Dare to Compare (7/20/07 - updated 4/09/08) - Comparing the graphics in game conversions.
Hotlinking and You (3/1/06) - A little article about why hotlinking sucks in general and why you probably shouldn't try to hotlink from ScrollBoss. It even includes some message board and MySpace mockery for extra nutrients.
Sprite Thieves (3/8/06) - My personal feelings on why sprite thieves are hated have been typed out here so I never have to type this again whenever someone thinks it's okay to claim all the credit for something they didn't do.
2007 (first: 1/10/07 & updated: 5/09/07) - About why ScrollBoss can't be updated as much this year and the new new things that you may see in the future.
Prime Central Station F.A.Q. (first: 1/10/07) - If you're new to the message board, here's the answers to a few questions.
Game List (06/28/06? updated: 06/11/10) - An incomplete list of games that I currently own.
Memory Lane (updated 10/14/06) - Brief boring history of ScrollBoss written just for me to read when I eventually lose my mind and forget all this stuff.
OldBoss (03/13/08) - An archive of old ScrollBoss pages just to prove that this place can actually look worse than it does now. Includes the entire original ScrollBoss in all it's boring horror.

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