Prime Central Station Message Board FAQ.

I'm finally getting this started. Okay, here's a guide to the most frequently asked questions by people using, lurking on, or not using the board.

What is the board for?
I just signed up and my account hasn't been activated. Why?
Where's the rare MUGEN stuff?
What are the user levels?
Why can't I get into certain areas of the board?
What is the NxC incident?
Why doesn't the search feature work?
Where'd my post go?
Why hasn't anyone answered my request?
I make non-fighter (RPG, platformer, etc) sprites/pixel art. Can I still post?

What is the board for?
It's pretty much a club house for people to hang out, create things, show them off, get feedback, or just talk about random, crazy stuff. Artwork, sprites, fan game creations, and so on. This is not a place for people who just want to find art or sprites to snatch or get RARE MUGENZ.

I just signed up and my account hasn't been activated. Why?
As of April 30, 2008, all new accounts must be approved by an admin before you get a basic account. If your account looks suspicious, you will not be activated. I've been able to weed out at least a dozen spambot accounts in less than a month of doing this.

Where's the rare MUGEN stuff? Some guy somewhere told me that I could find a lot of rare stuff here.
Then go back and tell that guy that he's an idiot. A lot of the people here either make sprites or edit pre-existing sprites into new thing as a way of extending a "style universe" (such as adding to the Capcom fighting Marvel sprite style, King of Fighters style, etc.). A few people here make things for MUGEN, but this isn't some place where we sit around trading "RARE MUGENZ LOL" or anything that boring. So, just in case you didn't know, this isn't a MUGEN board, but a board with a MUGEN section.

What are the user levels? How can I get a higher one? How do I get my first star before becoming a 5-star member?
Okay, here's a table with the non-mod and non admin member levels as they are:

5-star individual Originally, this was for people that I knew from elsewhere and wanted to keep their membership safe from any member purges. There are no star levels less than five because the whole thing is a Rob Van Dam reference.
Valued Member Someone who has been on the board for a long time and is just what the title describes.
Member This person is a basic member and has access to all the regular sections of the board. This person has made the required number of posts needed to become an actual member.
New Member A person who has just joined, has actually posted but has not yet made the minimum amount of posts to become a member or introduced themselves.
(formerly New Jacks)
A person amongst the boozillian people who join but never post. Most of these people probably joined thinking that they'd see a bunch of sprites immediately or get a chance at "RARE MUGENS LOL" only to find out that they'd have actually have to do something on the board other than request stuff or farm for sprites. If these people haven't posted after a certain trial time period, they're moved to the Deletable member group which gets deleted whenever the staff does a membership purge.
Deletable A person who joined months ago without introducing themselves or making any sort of attempt to make contact with the lifeforms of the board. These people will be deleted whenever the staff does a membership purge. If you get purged you can rejoin the board if you wish. Just remember to say something the next time you join so we don't delete you!

Why can't I get into certain areas of the board? I want to get into the sprite section

You need to be a certain level or higher to get into certain areas of the board. Right now, it's just the sprite section which you need a level of member or higher. Inside that are other areas where you need higher levels than that to enter. Most of this crap wouldn't be neccessary if it weren't for the NxC incident.

What is the NxC incident?

In the early part of 2005, I had a completely dead internet connection and no way to get to the library to check on things anywhere, including the board. I only had a few moderators to pitch in just in case things needed fixing while I was asleep or at work, but I never expected that I'd be offline for multiple months. On June 6th, Shin Otaru started this thread with sprites he'd ripped from a Japanese import RPG called Namco X Capcom. Others began to join in and posted their results as well. The game features many classic characters from both companies and it was just nice to see a company make new sprites of these people. With the board being just a few people who enjoy this stuff, nobody thought that anything would get out of control. A few people would ask to see a character or two and a few, (starting with Sho) started doing sprite edits and sprites. At some point, word got out and a few individuals started to tell other people to join the board to see the sprites. Unfortunately, some people took things too damned far. Quite a few would either copy the sprites so they could go back to their main boards, claim they did all the ripping and look like a resident big-shot on the board. But some decided to hotlink the same sprites in multiple places and strain the bandwidth of those hosting the files. Naturally, this pissed off the people on the recieving end of the bandwidth rape. Plus, the entire thread began to get clogged with requests for the game (which is COMPLETELY against the rules) and the .TIM files. Like most leechers, some people felt like they had the right to annoy people for things and leech bandwidth, so they joined the board just to flame the PCS members. There was even a board and sig war (you can still see a few remnants of this in a few sigs in the thread). Oy.

Now here's the cool part. Despite the admin (me) being trapped offline, Moderator Kiwi and the board members squashed this beef themselves with the power of their own awesomeness. When I say that this board is what it is because of the regular members, I'm dead f'in serious. If you read through the thread, you'll see that they weren't about to put up with that crap. As much as I wish that I had been there to put a stop to it earlier, I'm proud to look back at that moment to see a group of creative people that happen to be on the board whoop ass. When I finally got back, I had to do a lot of modifications to the board rules and membership abilities due to this.

Why doesn't the search feature work?
Invision has disabled that feature for the time being.

Hey, where'd my post go?
There's a lot of reasons why we move posts. Sometimes, people honestly post things in the wrong section. It happens. It's cool. In fact, there've been a few times where replies have popped up in the wrong thread. But then there are the people that come here looking for RARE MUGENZ (which we don't have) who have a habit of not making requests in the request section. There's a big ol' spot on the board that says REQUESTS and people use other areas for various reasons. Sometimes, it's an honest mistake. But there's a few of you who try to do it on the sly or say, "Wow, I wish someone would make (insert item or entire game here). If only one of you could do it **sniffle**" Ninja, please.

Why hasn't someone answered my request?
Most people won't post at all if they don't know the answer. It's natural. There ARE people who check the request and help area but we can't always answer every question. And don't get mad if someone tells you to read the program documentation if the answer is in there. Because, you know, you probably should've looked there first. And if you asked for something that is against the rules (and in some cases, the law), don't expect to be helped. Besides all that, we (board members included) do try to help whenever it's possible.

I make non-fighter (RPG, platformer, etc) sprites/pixel art. Can I still post?
Yes :) Sprite and sprite edits from RPGs, side-scrollers, platformers and anything else is welcome.As long as it doesn't break the rules (exposed genitals/naughty bits, etc.), it's okay.

That's all for now. Enjoy the board!

- - James "PrimeOp" Beaver, Prime Central Station admin

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