F.A.Q. Frequently Asked Questions (if people were to ask me questions)

What's this site about?
ScrollBoss has one main mission with a few side-missions.

Main Mission: A shrine site that's dedicated to (mostly) older scrolling action-adventure games. Under that classification are genres like platformers, Beat-em-ups, Action RPG's (a term I'll use until someone comes up with something better than Zelda Clone), Run-n-Gun games, etc. The site leans more towards the games that get less appreciation and many may not even have their own fan sites.

Side-mission 1: A tribute to 2-D video game graphics. This is shown in the galleries of normal graphics, edited graphics and a few made from scratch.

Side-mission 2: A place to house things that I've done for 2-D fan games. Right now, that only includes items for M.U.G.E.N. and Beats of Rage.

How many people work on ScrollBoss?
Just me, PrimeOp. Other game fans like Kiwi, StefaniRolento (see credits for full details) have donated content out of the kindness of their hearts and their overall greatness of character. I do all the half-buttocked coding and ugly green site design work.

How can I get in contact with you?
E-mail me at primeop@lycos.com (remove the **, of course). You can also join the Prime Central Station board and PM me there, too.

Can you give me a guest gallery?
Yes! Check out these instructions for what you need to send!

Can I use some of your sprites?
I'll try to make this as easy as possible:

If it's unedited and I ripped it, use it!

If it's something that's been edited by me, just credit me. If it's for a sig or something, you don't have to clog up your sig graphic to credit me though. All I ask is that you don't pretend that you did any of the custom sprites by sticking them in a fan-made project without crediting me (and the company that did them if it's a sprite edit). Let me know if you need any extra info about the edits and I'll gladly help you out. No, I don't have any full character sheets of the edits, but I can give you formula tips, tell you about sprite bases, send you unposted sprites for it that I have and fun stuff like that.

If it's been done by someone else, you'll have to get into contact with them.

Do you have any full sprite rips?
Sorry, but I don't. If I ever rip a whole character, I'll post a zip pack of it on the site for all to use and enjoy (for non-profit reasons, of course)

Can I link to ScrollBoss? Will you link to me?
As long as you aren't hosting highly illegal stuff (snuff films, organ harvesting tips, slave trade lists), I'll link to you. E-mail me at that address I just posted. If you want to link to me, you can use a banners from this page. Let me know if you need a style of banner that isn't there yet.

I saw a DC vs. Marvel vs. Capcom MUGEN video on YouTube with the Baroness in it. I thought you said it was canceled.
What, you mean this one? Nope. He just used the standing animation .gif off the site. In fact, a lot of those effects aren't even from M.U.G.E.N. The closest thing there was to a finished Baroness was the sprite test beta that was just a slightly modded Kung Fu Man... which was destroyed with my entire MUGEN folder when my secondary hard drive died up a few years back. So now there's not even THAT!
BTW: Loganir, the MUGEN creator who put in a lot of work to edit over one hundred sprites into Wonder Woman, deserves a credit for making that video possible. Sorry. Just needed to get that out of my system.

The incomplete Baroness sprite edit set is available for download from the Custom Sprite Pack page.

What do you have against 3-D action games?
I prefer 2-D platform jumping because you can easily figure out how far forward you have to leap to make it. It's 100% intuitive because you're making 2-D decisions in a 2-D world. Now In 3-D games, it can be really tricky even if the designers only slightly screwed things up with the camera, character animation and controls. I don't hate all 3-D platformers, but I think a lot of them are more irritating and overrated than fun. 3-D platforming perfection will take a while since so many people are tolerant of poorly-done ones.

Not much Mario, Zelda, Sonic, Metroid or Mega Man stuff here. Why the hate?
Those games have at least 1 boozillion huge and brilliantly-done fansites of their own. Meanwhile, games sagas like Rushing Beat don't even have an english-speaking site that I know of. With ScrollBoss, I try to give a bit more attention to the games that don't get the attention I feel they deserve.

Why don't you do more KoF style sprite edits?
I prefer the Capcom styles. Another reason is that I made the sprites and edits to cross over with other things and there are more characters I like in those Capcom styles than there are in KoF.

Why do you get so upset that people hotlink off your site?
I've finally put together an entire page about why hotlinking off this site irritates me. It's sarcastic yet informative! But here's the short version: Hotlinking counts towards my bandwidth limit and I'd have to pay extra money to my site host if I went over that limit.

Dude, all I was trying to do was hotlink crap off your site and leech your bandwidth to look cool in front of other people and I get some stupid elf dude. You totally embarassed me! What's up with that?
The hotlinking page explains this phenomenon.

What happened to the VS Mode area?
In the original version, the poll was a Lycos-based poll that didn't really run on the site. Next time, I'd like to build at least a slightly cheat-proof poll feature on the site that'd be able to work with the more RPG-like ideas that I have for the new version. One of the 1st php graphic apps I ever did was a working lifebar for Vs. Mode. I have no idea when I'll get back to it, but it's an idea worth doing.

(From an idiot later banned from the PCS board): donations? u pay money for ppl to create chars lol. Its funny how ppl say, no sprite rips, or data stealing blah blah blah. The original creators of chars from their original games would be pissed off if they knew ppl were STEALING their ideas, modding them slightly, then asking for "donations"/money
Believe it or not, this was someone who complained in the old EzBoard's Donation section, a place made for people to post any graphics they wanted to donate to the site.

I added a Dreamhost donation link to the site in July of 2012. This goes directly to the monthly Dreamhost bill for this domain so I won't profit from it. I can't set the minimum amount to anything less than $10 because that's how the host has it set up. Don't expect me to draw much attention to the donation button because I really don't want to bug visitors about it.

Is it "ScrollBoss" or "Scrollboss"?
It's supposed to be ScrollBoss with a capital B, but I don't get fussy over it. I've written it multiple ways myself because I'm usually working on the site while bugging out from sleep deprivation.

Somebody has a "mugenboss.zip" file on eSnips. Is that you?

DISCLAIMER: All characters are copyrighted to the characters who own them, such as Capcom, Sega, Konami, Technos, Jaleco, Nintendo, Tecmo, Atlus and many others. This is just a fan site. ScrollBoss © 2000-2012 by James Beaver.

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