Guest Gallery

by PrimeOp (July 16th, 2015)

So you want a guest gallery on ScrollBoss? Thanks for your interest! Here's what you need to send:

1.) Your sprites or artwork packed in a .zip or .rar archive. You'll also save me a lot of time by removing any spaces from the filenames. Please let me know of any notes you'd like added to the images. They can be put under a batch of images or as hover text for individual images. These images will be removed if I find out that someone else made them.

2.) The name or alias you want to use on the site and any links to your other areas on the internet (like Twitter, Tumblr, deviantART, etsy, etc.) so people can see more of what you do!

3.) Everyone who has a guest gallery will get one of these 200x100 pic:

Let me know which characters you'd like to rep you in yours!

Send all of that to I'm usually trying to work on a lot of things at once, so I probably won't be able to set up the gallery right away.

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