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Activision Alpha Denshi Atari Atlus Capcom Data East HAL Laboratory, Inc./HALKEN Hudson IREM Jaleco Konami Midway Namco Nintendo Nuchallenger Rareware Sega SNK Sunsoft Taito Technos Tecmo Universal Vanillaware Video System WayForward Williams

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- Altered Beast Bad Dudes Castlevania Crime Fighters Double Dragon Final Fight Golden Axe Kunio-kun Mario series Pac-Man River City Ransom Rushing Beat Shinobi series Splatterhouse Streets of Rage Strider Games (Independent) Games (other)

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DC Comics Marvel Comics TMNT G.I.JOE Masters of the Universe Toys & Cartoons Movies Music Illmosis Network


Custom portraits Mega Man NES style NES-like 32 Battle Hover pose Strange Then and Now

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C4ncel DNL Kiwi PrimeOp

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