Custom Sprites: Marvel Comics
Games included: Avengers in Galactic Storm (arcade), Captain America and the Avengers, Marvel Super Heroes: War of the Gems, Marvel vs. Capcom 3, the Punisher (Capcom), Spider-Man: the Video Game (Sega), X-Men (Konami)

Credits: Capcom, PrimeOp

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Black Cat the Black Knight: 2023 Black Panther: 2018 Black Widow: 2015 from scratch Captain America: 2017, updated 2023 Captain Marvel, Danvers: 2017 scratch-made, Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite stance
Black Cat, Black Panther, Black Widow, Captain America, Carol Danvers
Daredevil: 2024 Deadpool: 2017, MvC3 taunt Doctor Strange: 2022, UMvC3 fight stance the Dora Mijale the Falcon: 2015? Firestar: 2020-2021, classic, hover
Daredevil, Deadpool, Doctor Strange, the Dora Mijale, Falcon, Firestar
Ghost Rider Groot: after Tales to Astonish 13, page 1 by Jack Kirby Ant-Man: size change pose, 2017 Hawkeye: 2018, fight stance from Captain America and the Avengers Iron Fist: 2016 Iron Man (custom pose)
Ghost Rider, Groot, Hank Pym/Ant-Man/Giant-Man, Hawkeye, Iron Man
Luke Cage: 2016 Captain Marvel/Monica Rambeau: scratch-made 2015 Misty Knight: 70s-80s Namor the Sub-Mariner: 2018, Spider-Man the Arcade Game fight stance Nick Fury: 2019, Punisher arcade fight stance Quicksilver: 2012 from scratch the Punisher: Capcom '93 fight stance
Power Man/Luke Cage, Monica Rambeau, Misty Knight, Namor, Nick Fury, Quicksilver, the Punisher
Scarlet Witch: 2022 She-Hulk: 2016, MvsC3 pre-fight 1 Silver Surfer: 2017, (after J.Kirby) Spider-Man: 2020, Sega arcade fight stance Spider-Woman: 2020, classic Star-Lord: 2017
Scarlet Witch, She-Hulk, Silver Surfer, Spider-Man, Spider-Woman, Star-Lord
Thor: 2022 with 2023 adjustments the Vision: 2017 hover (scratch-made) Wasp War Machine: alternate angle of War Machine #1 cover Wonder Man: scratch-made 2015
Thor, Vision, Wasp, War Machine, Wonder Man
Human Torch: 2017 Invisible Woman: 2017 Mr. Fantastic: 2017 The Thing: 2017
The Fantastic Four: the Human Torch, Invisible Woman, Mr. Fantstic, the Thing
Archangel: 2024, stand charname: 2024 Cyclops: 2017, Konami arcade pose Jean Grey: 2017, MvC3 fight stance Professor Charles Xavier: 2021, hoverchair
Archangel, Beast, Cyclops, Jean Grey/Phoenix, Professor X (click on sprite to see full gallery)
Colossus: 2017, Konami arcade pose Storm: 2016, Konami arcade pose6 Wolverine: 2017, Konami arcade pose Nightcrawler: 2020, original outfit, teleport Dazzler: 2016, Konami arcade fight stance Havok: 2021, charge 1 Rogue: 2024 Psylocke: 2021 X-23: 2021
Colossus, Storm, Wolverine, Nightcrawler, Dazzler, Havok, Rogue, Psylocke, X-23
(click on sprite to see full gallery)
Shadowcat Kitty Pryde: 2023 Magik Bishop
Shadowcat/Kitty Pryde, Magik, Bishop

Diamondback: 201?, Scratch-made sprite by PrimeOp Hulk: scratch-made, classic Buscema-ish Medusa: 2017, classic outfit Mockingbird: 2018, based on Kimberly Root pose Moon Knight: 2017, e90s - vol.1 issue 1 cover side view Rocket Raccoon: (from scratch) GotG uniform Goliath/Bill Foster: (from scratch)
Diamondback, the Hulk, Medusa, Moon Knight, Rocket Raccoon, Black Goliath/Goliath/Bill Foster

the Avengers: 2021, Avengers #1 X-Men: 2021, Konami playable squad 1
Groups (click name to see full gallery for group sprites)
: Avengers
characters in this section have sub-galleries. Click on a character to see more of their sprites
Absorbing Man: 2015 scratch-made Baron Zemo: 2023 Batroc the Leaper: 2021, classic, stance 1 Boomerang: (2014) 80s Crossbones: 2021, classic the Controller: 2021 Doctor Doom
Absorbing Man, Batroc, Baron Zemo, Boomerang, Crossbones, the Controller, Doctor Doom
2021 Hyperion the Kingpin: 2019, Punisher stance recreated Klaw: 2018, classic, CAatA fight stance Loki: 2012 (from scratch) classic 2021
Grim Reaper, Hyperion, the Kingpin, Klaw, Loki, Living Laser
Nebula: (from scratch) 90s cyborg, MSH War of the Gems stance Nightshade: 2018, original outfit Sentinel: Mk. V mini (Konami arcade), Konami arcade stance Super-Skrull Taskmaster: 2018, scratch-made, Marvel vs. Capcom 3 stance Titania: 2015, scratch-made, fight stance Ultron: scratch-made, based on pose drawn by Kerry Gammill pose for Marvel Universe Whirlwind: 2020, Captain America and the Avengers stand pose the White Queen: 2014, classic
Nebula, Nightshade, Sentinel, Super-Skrull, Taskmaster, Titania, Ultron, Whirlwind, White Queen

the Enchantress: 2023, inspired by Avengers 22 cover (by Jack Kirby) Gladiator: scratch, battle hover Kang: 2023 Mandarin: (from scratch) Late 80's/early 90's M.O.D.O.K. Moonstone
Enchantress, Gladiator, Kang, the Mandarin, Modok, Moonstone, Princess Python
Princess Python Red Skull: CAatA pose Titanium Man: 2021, stand Viper: scratch-made, Captain America #111, page 5 by Jim Steranko the Wizard: scratch-made Goliath (Eric Josten)
the Red Skull, Titanium Man, Viper/Madame Hydra, the Wizard, Goliath

Carnage: 2020, Maximum Carnage fight stance Doctor Octopus: 2021, classic the Green Goblin: 2020 the Lizard: 2021, classic Mysterio: 2020
Carnage, Doctor Octopus, the Green Goblin, the Lizard, Mysterio

Magneto: 2023-2024, Secret Wars Mattel figure Toad: 2024 Avalanche: 2021 the Blob: 2020, X-Men Konami arcade stance Mystique: 2017, X-Men Konami arcade stance Pyro: 2020, X-Men Konami arcade stance
the Brotherhood: Magneto(gallery), Toad, Avalanche, the Blob, Mystique, Pyro

Mister Sinister: 2024 Goblin Queen: 2024
other X-Men enemies: Mister Sinister, Goblin Queen

Bogart: 2022 Bruno Costa: 2022 Byron Hannigan: 2022 Leon Kolsky: 2022 Luis Allegre: 2022 Matt Skinner: 2022
enemies from or seen in the The Punisher (arcade) by Capcom
Bogart, Bruno Costa, Byron Hannigan, Leon Kolsky, Luis Allegre, Matt Skinner

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