Fake Screenshots

Some of these were done for other features on the site while a few were done specifically for this feature here. Unless otherwise noted, these screens were edited by me, PrimeOp. If you want to use any of PrimeOp's edited screens, please credit it to PrimeOp. If you want to use any screens by any contributors, you must get in contact with them first (pretty easy since they'll probably have accounts on the message board. Of course, all characters are © their respective owners.

Latest additions: Do the Right Thing (NES)

Mike Haggar's Halloween
Rokman title screen
DCSH - Deathstroke vs. Atom (Ryan Choi): K.O.
Akumajo Dracula X: Chi no Rondo - NES
MSH - Mary Jane Laundrydoken
MSH - Civil War: Cap vs. Iron Man
MSH - Civil War: Spider-Man vs. Iron Man
Sonic/Altered Beast
Minus World: Damsels in Distress
Vice City Ransom: Ammu-Nation
Streets of Rage 2 guest starring Joe Musashi from Shinobi
Legend of Zelda 1 (LttP style): Wooden Sword
Final Fight 3 with... Black Canary?

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