Yes, I still like action figures. I stopped playing with them long ago, but I still like 'em. Just having them and setting them up like a battle scene picture is fun enough for me. I don't have many action-adventure game figures yet, but I'm working on it.

If you have any platform game-related custom figures, please post pictures at the Message Board and show off your pictures! If you have an action-figure related site (especially with video game customs), we could exchange links as well.

Store-bought figures
Solid Snake by McFarlane Toys Samus Aran by Joyride Studios Megaman 7 by some cool Japanese company (pic only) Earthworm Jim (Battle Damage by re:play (pic only)

Custom Figures
Jo Musashi: Shinobi Radd Spencer: Bionic Commando Rolento Liu Kang Sub Zero: Mortal Kombat
Stefani Rolento
Maki by Stefani Rolento Rolento by Stefani Rolento

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