Custom Sprites: Superman
Games included: Superman (arcade), Superman (Atari 2600)

Credits: PrimeOp

Superman Battle Hover sprite variants
The pose is based on the mid-air fighting stance from Taito's Superman arcade game. I started with the classic Superman, but made a few modified versions for Superman-like characters because I thought it'd be fun. As you can see, it got a bit out of hand. I'll try to do more if people like these (I've got a long list of versions/characters I didn't get to), but please understand that I don't have enough time to make every single version or inspired-by character ever.

"But that version of Superman can't fly!" Please pretend he's in mid-leap.

Superman Superman, Taito player 2 Superman: Action Comics #1 Superman: Action Comics #1 interior Superman Superman Red, classic Superman Blue, classic Superman: Superman Blue (90s) Superman: Superman Red (90s) Superman original Earth-2 Superman Superman: Kingdom Come Sunshine Superman Superman: Atari 2600 game style Bizarro: Silver Age style Ultraman: original Crime Syndicate Ultraman: Crime Syndicate 2000 Superfriends - Universe of Evil Superman: Crime Syndicate 2000
versions of Superman
Apollo: Crime Syndicate 2000 Captain Marvel/Shazam: Crime Syndicate 2000 Gladiator: Crime Syndicate 2000 Hyperion: Crime Syndicate 2000 Hyperion: Crime Syndicate 2000 Icon:  Samaritan: scratch-made Sunman: scratch-made Wonderman (TV Funhouse): scratch-made
Superman-like characters

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