Custom Sprites: Spriter Gallery - PrimeOp
Games included: Bionic Commando (NES), Bomberman, Castlevania (NES), Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, Dig Dug, Elevator Action Deluxe, Final Fight, Golden Axe, Ghosts 'n Goblins (arcade), Kid Icarus (NES), Metroid (NES), Pac-Man, Pocky and Rocky (SNES), Sonic the Hedgehog

Credits: PrimeOp

This is mostly my early work back in the days when I was still editing preexisting sprites. Since I've been making nearly all of sprites from scratch for a few years, I became too lazy to update the fan art part of this page. The Illmosis and ScrollBoss sections, filled with my original characters, are up to date, though.
Illmosis - PrimeOp(deviantART page)

Ace of Clubs the Entity: 2014 Exponent: scratch-made sprite, 2015 design, 2015 sprite Exponent: scratch-made sprite, 2015 design, 2015 sprite Ice Cream Man: scratch-made sprite, 2011 Longway: scratch-made sprite, 2014 M-Wave: scratch-made sprite,2014 M-Wave: scratch-made sprite, 2014
Ace of Clubs, the Entity, Exponent, the Ice Cream Man, Longway, M-Wave
Nutroll: 2022, arms akimbo Nutroll: 2022, arms akimbo Nutroll: first 2016, redone 2022, arms akimbo
Nutroll: 2022 -
Nutroll: scratch-made sprite, 2016 Nutroll: scratch-made sprite, 2015
Nutroll - older sprites
Twofold - Kenji Toshida: scratch-made sprite, 2009 Passion Tanaka: scratch-made sprite, 2011 Passion Tanaka: scratch-made sprite, 2011
Twofold, Passion Tanaka, Hostyle

Hazelle: noalign
Endless Duck: 2018
Endless Duck (2018-)
Endless Duck: 2011 Endless Duck: 2011
Endless Duck (2011)
Vonetta a.k.a. Vernacula: 2023 Vonetta a.k.a. Vernacula: 2019 Vonetta a.k.a. Vernacula: 2018, updated in 2019 Vonetta a.k.a. Vernacula: 2015, updated in 2019
Vonetta Paige a.k.a. Vernacula
Amelia: 2019 Maddie Tenay: 2018 design
Amelia (Arcade of the Damned), Maddie Tenay (Theater)

ScrollBoss monsters: Ghost
Endless Duck, Amelia, Maddie Tenay, Vernacula and other ScrollBoss charactes © James Beaver

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