Gameplan - 2007 (last updated 5/09/07)

So I was writing this piece about how I wouldn't be able to update ScrollBoss frequently for quite a while because of various reasons. Those reasons include putting more focus on my artwork and my art site Illmosis, actually playing games again with a bit of my time and helping to deal with some family crises (plural). Then, one those crises cut my typing short when I found out that my grandfather (who has been battling throat cancer) had to be rushed to the hospital. He got better and he's back out now, but part of my time goes towards taking care of him.

ScrollBoss will no longer be updated every week. For the majority of next year, the site will be updated every two weeks. Sometimes it'll be longer but sometimes it may click into a short burst of weekly newness. Really, I can't see too many people giving a crap. I'm the first to admit that some updates were just of my adding sprites to galleries here and there. From now on, I won't update the site until there's enough new material to add or there's something that needs to be fixed. Anyway, here's a few items I'm thinking of for the new year.

edit 5/09/07: I fixed a few spelling errors here and there. My grandfather passed away not long after the original article was written. I'm currently putting a lot of work into my own characters and dealing with other family problems. So ScrollBoss will continue to be updated once every two weeks with minor fixes and such on the off-week.

The S-Files

The old character profile section will finally return, but with less crappy artwork. There's a simple preview up now, but this will grow. This includes each character having their own galleries, link sections and more. The one thing that you better not expect to see: the entire storylines of characters. In short, I'm going to talk about them in sense of their classic games and not any sequels or remakes that have altered them in ways that make me gag. Plus, so much stuff retcons other stuff that I can't give a dang about it any more. Nothing but the classic story and a basic gist of their character. Many of those more taunt-like sprite edits I've done were for these S-Files. Yes, sometimes, I do have a plan. But the fun really won't start until I start cooking up the alternate display styles for the profiles. More on that later.

Sprites and rips

From this point on, I'm probably not going to extract or rip something unless I really need it. Honestly, anyone with a computer and the internet can do most this if they really put forth an honest effort to figure it out. Still, expect a more sprites and sounds to be added. As for sprite edits, I'm not sure if I'll be doing many more that aren't part of a project or site graphic. Considering what I plan to do in the next category, that'll still be quite a few. In fact, there will eventually be an all-around graphics section because I have much more than just sprites.


I won't be stepping up production on MUGEN items as much as I planned, but I will be doing a few fun and unexpected things. Likewise, a few stage WIPs will be cancelled because I no longer have the time to do stages that require a lot of work to finish only for people to (understandably) not give a damn about (like that Double Dragon level 1 stage). I'll make a decision on that sometime this month.One stage that I'll probably follow through on is my special Avengers HQ stage from Marvel vs. Capcom. If you look VERY closely, you'll see a few of the things that I've already done to it. However, I'm going to do some storyboards that may get ignored as well, but at least I'll have fun looking at them. One has been in the works since last year and requires a lot of sprite edits and artwork to finish. I'll probably do a few modified classic game intros and endings just to get some experience.

Beats of Rage

Even though I wanted to make at least one little mod, I'll probably wait until Senile finishes Age of the Beast. I have a few characters at the 90%-95% range with a few others just barely there. I'm not making any of these characters available for download until they appear in a mod where I'll really hear if they're good and playable or not. There are a few strange things I'd like to finish and make available for DL, though.

Graphic Generators

I have ideas, but I won't reveal them until I get them fully started. The Fake Screenshot generator I started and previewed long ago has a very annoying bug that won't allow me to add the lifebar/score change option that I wanted. It also needs a better interface, too.

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