I've resurrected this old area of the site for two reasons. It's mostly a small glossary of various video game terms. The second reason is that I have a bad habit of using unfamiliar slang including a few that I just made up myself. This area is still under construction and I apologize in advance for spelling errors, mistakes and just out-and-out stupidity. This is meant only as a quick 'oh, THAT'S what that means!' resource. Links to much better sites (many of which are referenced for the more technical bits here) are included at the bottom.

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head swap (Full page here.) - A character with a design that uses the same graphics for the body as another character, but has different graphics for the head. Not only does it save development time, it also saves precious memory space in games where tiles are used, since the game only has to load the extra head tiles (and probably another palette) to make another enemy.

Hack and Slash (Full page here.) - A nickname for games that are heavy on the weapon combat while often having more platform jumping and exploration than most beat 'em ups. Hack and Slash is considered more of an aesthetic than a genre. Many have game features usually seen more in RPGs. Examples include Golden Axe, King of Dragons, and Warrior Blade.

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