Hack and Slash
A nickname for games that are heavy on weapon-based combat while often having more platform jumping and exploration than most beat 'em ups. Many of these games have features often associated with RPG's, including experience points (and the improved abilities gained with them), magic systems, armor, shops, etc.

Hack and Slash is considered more of an aesthetic than a genre. Games that are beat 'em ups and platformers have been described as Hack n' Slash games.

Barely on-topic: Rick Norton and Douglas Bild were renamed Hack and Slash for Brawl Brothers (the U.S. version of Rushing Beat Ran), but neither can use edged weapons in the game. Considering the wigged-out, esoteric kind of stuff (no offense) that'd pop up in other Jaleco USA localizations, it's probably a reference to something else.
Game list:
Dungeons and Dragons: Shadow over Mystara, Dungeons and Dragons: Tower of Doom, Golden Axe (Genesis), Golden Axe II (Genesis), King of Dragons (arcade), Knights of the Round (arcade), Magic Sword (arcade), Warrior Blade (arcade), Wild Fang (arcade)

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