I've resurrected this old area of the site for two reasons. It's mostly a small glossary of various video game terms. The second reason is that I have a bad habit of using unfamiliar slang including a few that I just made up myself. This area is still under construction and I apologize in advance for spelling errors, mistakes and just out-and-out stupidity. This is meant only as a quick 'oh, THAT'S what that means!' resource. Links to much better sites (many of which are referenced for the more technical bits here) are included at the bottom.

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resolution (Full page here.) - The image size of the screen that is usually described as 'width x height' in the number of pixels.

Risk-Reward (Full page here.) - Many games reward players for using riskier methods of play that usually require skill (or, sometimes, luck) to perform correctly. It can be found in combat techniques, harder stages with bonus item rewards and equippable items with bad stats but great bonus effects. Combat-based risk-vs-reward game play often involves techniques that require letting the enemy get so close that a missed attack will give that enemy a chance to hit with its own attack. The rewards are usually things like bonus score points, gold, experience points, and stat enhancements.

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CPS-2 Shock
System 16

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