sprite edit
Informal term for a sprite made by modifying (editing) a sprite from an older game.

Some games use altered versions of sprites the company made for an earlier game. An familiar example is Sega's Golden Axe II for the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive and how many of the heroes' sprites are based on the sprites for the Mega Drive port of the first game.

The arcade version of Technos' Double Dragon II does this as well. Not only do the returning characters use edited and unedited sprites from Double Dragon, some new character sprite sets were made by editing the company's wrestling game sprites, partly as a way to train newer sprite/dot artists (source).

Some sprite edits are seemingly unauthorized, like this familiar enemy in Gaelco's arcade game, Big Karnak:
Yes, that's Karnov from Bad Dudes.

Most of the sprite edits you'll see on the internet are made by fans and hobbyists who want to see how certain characters would look in a particular game's drawing style. Some edit entire animation sets of sprites to use in fan games. Popular styles include the Mega Man NES sprites, Sonic the Hedgehog, NES Kunio-Kun/River City Ransom, King of Fighters (commonly called KoF or SNK style) and, a personal favorite of the person running this site, Capcom's late CPS2-era fighters (Street Fighter Alpha, Marvel fighters and Darkstalkers).
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