Game Tips and Codes for Robocop vs. Terminator (genesis)

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Robocop vs. Terminator (Genesis)

Uncensored Game mode
In the middle of a normal game, pause and tap in the following:
Then, unpause the game. New things include a new effect on enemies with the flamethrower and the return of the sunglasses-wearing bad girls from the SNES version with skimpier outfits.

54 Lives from John Botti
Pause the game and hit these buttons:
You'll be warped to another place where programmer John Botti is a giant pixel-based god who increases your life count to 54 with a non-animated wave of his index finger. He also hips you to another cheat code. Walk to the end of the stage and get bonus points as you just finished an actual stage! If you've ever use this code and meet Botti on the street, don't act like he never gave you anything.

Weapon Select
Pause the game and tap these buttons:
B,A,C,C,C,A,B,B,A,C,C,C,A,B. You should hear some machine gun bursts. Unpause. Hold DOWN+A+B+C at the same time and you'll cycle through the weapons. Release the button once you're on the weapon that you want.

Turbo-boost Robocop
In the middle of a normal game, pause and tap the following buttons:
If you hear a turbo-boost-like sound effect, then you are now in 'Turbo Mode'

Enter the Turbo code while on the 'Trainer' level. Walk all the way to the left of the stage, hold UP and JUMP. You'll enter the Immortality room and be granted immortality by the M.I.T. network.

Extra Life room
On the "Streets of Detroit' level, make sure that you're in Turbo mode with that code. Get to the highest point which is a short platform with a fence behind it that had two riflemen on it. Hold UP and press just while aimimg for that small piece of floor that you'll see in the sky. If you do it correctly, you'll warp to a room with some extra lives.

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