MK: Armageddon
Tyris Flare (Golden Axe 1)
- contributed by PrimeOp

Since her skimpy outfit didn't cost a lot of parts, Tyris was the first character that I made. I'm not happy with her sword pose, but her empty hand pose is pretty close to that.
Gender: Female
Preset: None
Size: Medium
Skin color 3,13
Face: None
- eye color: 12,09
- lip color: 02,14
Hair: Bangs
- color1: 04,03
Torso: Chain Mail Bra
- color1: 10,21
Pants: Chain Mail Thong
- color1: 10,21
Boots: Flair Medium
- color1: 02,09
- color2: 02,09
Arms: Studded Wristband
- color1: 10,16

Style Name: Amazonian
Preset: Defensive
Stance: Zha Chuan

Style Name: Amazonian
Weapon Type: Swords
Weapon :Kun Lun Dao
Preset: Defensive
Stance: Pulse Blade

Square: Melee Slice
Triangle: Does It Hurt
X: Upward Swing
Circle: Yellow Jacket Sting
Square+Back: Leg Trip
Triangle+Forward: Chest Stab
Triangle+Down: Swinging Vengeance
X+Forward: Blood Thirsty
Circle+Down: Upward Launcher
Square, Square: Blood Thirsty
Square, X: Does It Hurt
Square, X, X: Drake Power
X, X: Bloodfire
Circle, Circle: Stinky Lizard
Circle, Circle, Circle: Pulse Falcon

D, B+SQUARE :Twisting Fire
F, F+X :Flying Kick
B, F+TRIANGLE :Summon Flames
D, U+CIRCLE :Hellfire Kick
D, B, F+CIRCLE:Unassigned
R1 :Front Flip

Voice: Small Female 1
Victory: Female

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