MK: Armageddon
San Te (36 Chambers intro)
- contributed by PrimeOp

As an addict of martial arts films, I couldn't help but to do this after seeing the Shaolin Rings in the parts section. I haven't watched the movie in a while, so the version on my memory card has a rather random moveset that I'm too ashamed to show. I have him the Hung Gar stance since that's actor Gordon Liu's main style.
Gender: Male
Preset: None
Size: Medium
Skin color:06,10
Hair: Shaved
Cloth: Sash
- color1: 01,04
Gloves: Shaolin Rings
Pants: Kung Fu
- color1: 01,06
Boots: Shaolin
- color1: 01,04 / color2: 01,12
Nose Width: 15
Nose Length: 5
Mouth Width: 4
Lip Size: 10
Cheekbones: 15
Cheek Width: 16
Jaw Width: 5
Eyelids: 10
Eye Angle: 16
Style Name: Shaolin
Preset: Defensive
Stance: Hung Gar
Weapon Type: Swords
Weapon : Kun Lun Dao
Preset: None
Stance: Autumn Dao
F, F+X : Flying Kick
Voice: Small Male 3
Victory: Shaolin
Name: San Te

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