MK: Armageddon
Firebrand (Demon's Crest)
- contributed by PrimeOp

Just one that I was messing around with. For some reason he just seems to fit in the MK scheme of things.
Gender: Male
Preset: Demon
Size: Medium
Skin color: 10,06
Face: Vampire
- eye color: 12,12
Torso: Reptile
- color1: 02,08
Gloves: Plain Band
- color1: 10,19 / color2: 10,19
Pants: Trunks
- color1: 02, 08
Boots: None
- color1: 02,10
- color2: 04,16
Head: Pointy Ears
Chest: Bat Wings
- color1: 06,19 / color2: 13,12
ATTRIBUTES (default=10)
Nose Width: 20
Nose Length: 0
Mouth Width: 20
Lip Size: 0
Cheekbones: 20
Cheek Width: 0
Jaw Width: 4
Eyelids: 0
Eye Angle: 15
Style Name: Arremer
Stance: Kenpo
D, B+Square : Twisting Fire
F, F+X : Flying Lunge
B, F+Triangle : Lava Burst
D, U+Circle : Hellfire Kick
D, B, F+Circle: Unassigned
R1 : Arm Snapper
Name: Firebrand

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