the Ninja Kids (arcade)
200x100 GFX Company: Taito
Genre: Beat 'em up
Released: USA: 1990
From the game:
... In the 7th month of 1999, A great king of terror flyed down from the sky...

Now is the end of a century.

Because of the "SATANISTS" who wished the resurrection of satan realized, the town became an unlawful town.

But, there is a ray of hope. Four young men who have mysterious "NINJA" Power ; People call them as "NINJA KIDS"

It's rarely mentioned that this whole game seems to be an elaborate puppet show. You can even see their strings on the character select screen as they lie on the floor like puppets. What many people probably think is a mysterious giant man in the intro is possibly the only real person in the story. He's the only realistically drawn human in the game because even the enemies and NPC's have the same cartoony, puppety look that the Ninja Kids have.

The attract mode of the game also talks a bit about the characters but will also give you bits of ninja-related folklore and trivia including some that have nothing to do with the game itself.
Player Characters:
Hanzo Akane Sasuke Genta
Screenshots (click to see full-sized):
Start Screen Story The select screen where you can see the puppet strings Intro scene Hanzo's 'Billow' spell in effect Factoid - Natural Shape of a Ninja
Game also appears in:
Taito Legends
ScrollBoss Section Links:
Sprites - Ninja Kids sprites and graphics
Logos - the Ninja Kids logo

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